The First Journey by Dr. Shibu Cherian

Maintaining Our Intergrity Always (June 1, 2014)

Seeking Godly Wisdom in Our Lives (June 2, 2014)

The Importance of Self-Discipline (June 3, 2014)

Understand and Acknowledge the Greatness of God (June 5, 2014)

Seeing God in the Midst of Our Trials (June 6, 2014)

Maintaining Godly Routines on a Daily Basis (June 7, 2014)

Experiencing the Fullness of Joy in Gods Presence (June 8, 2014)

Appreciate the Glory and Goodness of God in Nature (June 9, 2014)

Hiding in the Secret Place of God for Refuge (June 10, 2014)

Resting and Waiting on God Alone (June 11, 2014)

The Only Drink That Will Really Satisfy (June 12, 2014)

Rest and Refocus Under Gods Care (June 13, 2014)

Taking Our Burdens to God in Prayer (June 14, 2014)

How Can We Be Richly Fulfilled in Our Lives (June 15, 2014)

Declaring Gods Power to the Present Generation (June 16, 2014)

Get a Heavenly Perspective from Gods Presence (June 17, 2014)

Open Your Mouth Wide and God Will Fill It (June 18, 2014)

Lets Have Our Hearts Set on a Pilgrimage (June 19, 2014)

Lord Teach Us to Number Our Days (June 20, 2014)

Counting the Blessings in Our Lives (June 21, 2014)

Be Thankful to God Every Day (June 22, 2014)

Delight in Reading and Meditating Gods Word (June 23, 2014)

Be Directed Daily Through Gods Word (June 24, 2014)

Gods Principle of Sowing and Reaping (June 25, 2014)

Praise God for His Greatness and Goodness (June 26, 2014)

Trusting in the Safety of Gods Hands (June 27, 2014)

True Satisfaction in Life Comes from God Alone (June 28, 2014)

Seek Godly Wisdom for Our Daily Living (June 29, 2014)